Have you been wondering what South Beach Smoke got up to in the summer while you went on vacation? They were busy marketing their latest vaporizers which are now familiar enough to the public to have garnered high ratings for looks and performance.

They sell the Air, Storm, Curve, and Thunder. All of these are available in rechargeable kits of their own but also as part of the custom vaporizer builde option.

South Beach Smoke Vaporizer Starter Kits

First of all, let’s see what you get when you buy one of the kits as it stands. The Air provides 350 mAh of power for $29.99: about 100 mAh more than the profile for their excellent high-drain e cig battery. At 4 inches in length, the stainless Air will easily find its niche.

South Beach Smoke air starter kit

A Storm set costs $49.99 and gives you nearly double the power at 650-mAh battery. So does the Curve, but their shapes are different.

The Storm resembles a pretty eGo, but the Curve is curvy as the name suggests. Their kits cost the same with only very slight differences. Both options come in several colors including pink, red, and green.

South Beach Smoke’s most powerful device is their Thunder.

South Beach Smoke Thunder

You get 1300 mAh of power and adjustable airflow to change resistance when you draw. This is a variable voltage battery too, so adjust the heat for differing cloud density and warmth of vapor. The Thunder costs $99.99 with its tank, battery, and charger.

Build your Own

Click on the option to build a custom package containing the essential bits. A USB charger is included by default but you can add atomizers and a wall adapter. Besides those pieces, the choice is which battery to place with which tank.

South Beach Smoke Custom Builder

You will be asked to select a battery. Each of four styles will come up, plus all of the power options available. Once you choose a color and press select, the battery you picked shows up on the right of the screen.

Next you are offered tank options, all of them, with colors noted below in little boxes. Decide what color you want and press “select” once more.

Now you have a full picture of what your vaporizer would look like if you stuck with the two parts you chose in the colors you opted for. It’s not too late to change your mind if you think the pairing looks odd or the colors aren’t right for each other. Your sub-total is listed below so the price is transparent. This is a new and exciting way to buy a vaporizer.

E Juice

Now all you need to do is add e liquid. South Beach Smoke makes many of their own flavors including varieties of tobacco and menthol, fruits and desserts.

South Beach Smoke e liquid

They also offer another customization service: build your own e liquid. At $14.99 for 30 ml, this is very reasonably priced e juice; the perfect complement to a beautiful vaporizer.