Vapers in the market for a new type of vaping experience from their regular e cig do not have to abandon South Beach Smoke if that is where they buy their mini cig batteries and cartomizers. South Beach Smoke has introduced a line of vaporizers which includes the Storm.

You might be familiar with something similar from VaporFi: the Pro. This is the same type of battery and a sleeved tank combined under a different name, sold by VaporFi’s sister company. If you have heard good things about the Pro, expect a similar experience from the Storm.

Storm Starter Kit

A kit of essential pieces for the South Beach Smoke Storm is priced just $49.99.

South Beach Smoke Storm

Select a tank and battery separately so as to match colors or mix them up. Your options are stainless steel, black, blue, camouflage, purple, red, pink, yellow, and white. The only exception is when you order a variable voltage battery or an LCD battery, in which case stainless steel, pink, and black are your only color choices.

The kit can be customized to include the 650-mAh standard cell for the price listed above. Change this to an LCD, 1100-mah or variable voltage cell for an additional cost. The standard tank is a 2 ml, 2.2 ohm bottom coil design.

Custom Kit

Build a kit yourself from the South Beach Smoke catalogue. Put pieces from other kits together to complete a unique look blending curves and straight lines; various colors and even a solid shade with a camouflage pattern.

Storm AtomizerReplacement Parts

Even if you buy the regular Storm kit, it is possible to pair either the tank or the battery with items from the South Beach Smoke Curve, Thunder, or the miniature Air later on. If you stick with Storm replacement pieces, here are your choices.

The 1100-mAh VV battery costs $29.99. Change that to an 1100-mAh cell without variable voltage for $2 less. These bigger batteries make your e cig longer but they hold a charge longer too.

The 650-mAh LCD battery costs $29.99 and will last for at least half a day, maybe more. That little LCD screen shows your puff count and battery level. Buy a brand new tank and pay $14.99.

The Curve is similar to the storm but with a rounded figure. The Thunder is a no-nonsense, powerful device with airflow control and variable voltage. The Air vaporizer was designed for discretion and comfort, being just 4″ long in its smallest form.

Filling the Tank

South Beach Smoke offers its own line of e juice. A 30-ml plastic bottle is excellent value at just $14.99.

You can see right away that refilling liquid is much more cost effective than buying cartomizers costing about $3 each: 1/6th the price. Also, your choice of flavors expands a great deal from those 16 options when you are buying e juice.

Select a sweet dessert style, cocktail concoction, traditional tobacco, or an exotic treat. South Beach Smoke e liquids are made in an FDA-approved lab using USP, kosher ingredients and Malaysian Palm glycerin. Right now, with FDA rulings pending, that’s as close to “approved” as you can get.

Customize your e juice experience for no extra cost by blending up to three flavors together according to your palate or take a risk on something unique. Although e liquid is non-refundable, at this low price it is worth taking a chance on something new.