Does South Beach Smoke E Juice look familiar to you? Do the labels resemble those of another brand? Have you seen these flavors, prices, and formats before?

If so, don’t worry: South Beach Smoke is not copying another company without their permission. The owners of South Beach Smoke are also owners of VaporFi. If you like their juice, you are going to like South Beach Smoke E Juice too.

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Prices for South Beach Smoke E Juice

Like VaporFi, South Beach Smoke cartridges are not cheap. At around $3 per cartridge, you are basically paying $3 per/ml, which is pricy. Since this still makes vaping cheaper than smoking, they don’t mind until customers realize how much cheaper vaping can be when they buy bigger batteries, clearomizers, and e juice.

A 30-ml bottle costs just $14.99, which is about 50 cents per/ml.

South Beach Smoke e liquid

Clearly this is the better option price-wise. Besides, there are just 16 flavors of e liquid when you use cartomizers for South Beach Smoke mini cigs. With their e juice, you can select from many pre-made flavors or customize.

South Beach Smoke Vaporizers

That’s the time that South Beach Smoke customers switch from 180-mAh or 280-mAh batteries and try something like the Air, Storm, Curve, or Thunder. The Storm, for example, provides the convenience of a 2-ml tank and 600-mAh battery which gives the user several hours of vaping pleasure at a time. They also have to fill their clearomizers with e juice, and where better to buy that e juice than from South Beach Smoke?

South Beach Smoke E Juice Flavors

There are flavors with marshmallow, lime, and tobacco; vanilla, chocolate, and Amaretto. The options seem endless when you are perusing the pre-existing menu.

When you start to consider custom flavors, however, your horizons open up considerably. South Beach Smoke suggests there are over 30,000 possibilities when you combine flavors.

Select just one and up the intensity. Choose two and go for equal servings of each or double-up on one of them.

Elect to blend three different flavors. Create an e juice with 24 mg of nicotine per volume, less nicotine, or no nicotine. No wonder this is one of the most popular brands of e juice around.

South Beach Smoke E Juice Quality

This is also high-quality stuff. Blending conditions are exacting: mixologists do not blend your e juice over a kitchen sink. South Beach Smoke juice is made in the United States using USP ingredients and Malaysian Palm glycerin which is safe for people with peanut allergies.

The Only Thing Missing

Just one element is missing, but don’t expect it to be overlooked for long. There is no such thing as a high-vegetable glycerin option for sub-ohm vaping. This would be more viscous than the current blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

We can expect to see this in the works in the near future, as Vaporfi has announced their new line of high VG Artisan e-liquids, keeping up with the trends towards sub-ohm vaping.