Like a lot of vapers, you have probably heard good reports about South Beach Smoke. Their reputation dates back to early vaping days in America less than a decade ago; long enough to make this one of the oldest US companies.

In the last year, they have added vaporizers to their collection of hardware; sets capable of at least 100 mAh more than their high-drain mini cig battery.

Are you having a hard time choosing just one style as a kit? Click on “Build Your Own Custom Vaporizer” at South Beach Smoke and create your own bundle.

Start with a Battery

Choose your battery

Your cheapest bundle will begin with a $24.99 650-mAh Storm battery in black, white, or stainless steel for discretion or a livelier shade for fun. Other batteries are the Curve and Thunder in multiple colors and formats.

Choose a Tank

Choose your tank

Your options are the Storm Tank, Clear Tank, Curve Tank, Thunder Air Flow Tank, or VaporFlo Tank. Sticking with an affordable ensemble, select a Curve or Clear tank.

Each one costs $9.99 and is made in a similar array of colors. Imagine you chose a red battery; now add a matching, contrasting, or complementary shade (red to match, clear or black to complement, or green to contrast).

More Additions to Your Personalized Kit

A package of atomizers is optional and priced $14.99. You’re going to need a USB charger, but that’s included in the price. Add a wall adapter for $9.99 or stick with the sleek 3-piece kit for a total $34.98.

I could have gone the other way, ordering all the most expensive pieces. A Thunder Variable Battery with the matching tank, 5-pack of 1.8-ohm atomizers, and a wall adapter bring my total up to $104.96. I’d be better off buying the original Thunder bundle for about $100, but the customizable option did supply extra atomizer heads for only slightly more money.

Add E Liquid

At South Beach Smoke, this custom kit builder doesn’t ask you to add e juice. A 30-ml bottle costs $15.99 and is available in thousands of possible flavor combinations. We have an e-juice discount that adds 1 free bottle when you buy 3.


There aren’t any discounts in the making of your own starter kit on their website, though you can apply our 12% hardware discount when you make your kit. Combined with the aforementioned e-liquid coupon, you can get a nice deal on this kit with your favorite vape juices!