There is something decidedly womanly about the South Beach Smoke Curve, like a full-figured woman who is unafraid to show off her curves. This curvaceous member of the South Beach Smoke vaporizer line adds a touch of femininity to their selection which also includes the Storm, Thunder, and Air vaporizers.

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South Beach Smoke Curve Starter Bundle

All the vaporizers above are compatible with each other and can be worked into a customized starter kit, but let’s start with the package designed specifically for a Curve e cig. This set priced $49.99 contains a battery, tank, and charging kit.

You select from ten colors including green, blue, purple, orange, etc. South Beach Smoke invites customers to select a shade for the tank and battery individually, so you have the chance to either coordinate or create a certain look: silver with purple, red with green, or some other blend you fancy.

Pieces and Features

Let’s take the kit apart and look at the cell and tank separately. A Curve tank holds 2.2 ml of e liquid and uses a 2.2-ohm coil. Coils are fitted into the bottom of the tank and are replaceable as well, so you can get more life out of your polycarbonate tank when the coil runs dry. Clear, colored tanks cost $9.99 each.

Each 650-mAh battery for the curve is 4.2 volts. While curves are pronounced at the top, they are more subtle at the bottom. They cost $27.99 to replace individually. Already, with just the top and bottom together, you are paying $37.98. Add chargers and you can see how the $49.99 price tag for a bundle would be good value.

Customizable Kit

South Beach Smoke gives consumers the option to build a set of their own which could include a part from the Curve combined with any one of their other vaporizer parts. Choose a battery which will come with a USB charger. Select a tank. Add atomizers for an additional cost plus a wall adapter. E Juice is extra too.

With so many colors, models, and even battery sizes available, there are numerous potential pairings a customer could make. Your personally chosen starter kit will be unique even if every person on your block buys a kit of this kind from South Beach Smoke.

Advantages of Buying from South Beach Smoke

Why should you order a Curve or any other item from the South Beach Smoke catalogue?

There are several good reasons, one being their reputation. South Beach Smoke was among the first brands that introduced Americans to electronic cigarettes. Many customers have been with them since the beginning or very nearly the company’s beginning. They continue shopping with South Beach Smoke because the company tweaks and improves products with each new advance in battery technology.

Another good reason to shop here is rewards and savings. Loyalty points go into your account with every purchase so you can use them to help pay for anything you like. There are also savings available if you want to arrange auto shipments of e juice or parts including 10% to 20% discounts on future orders.

Finally, selection is a great selling feature at South Beach Smoke. This includes hardware and flavors that make vaping flavorful and stylish. There is no excuse for getting bored with South Beach Smoke.