VaporFi has its own version of the Air which is very similar to that of its sister company, South Beach Smoke. The VaporFi Air is small with a 350-mAh battery and 1ml tank, but it comes in black or white.

The South Beach Smoke Air comes in stainless; that’s it. It measures the same (350-mAh battery and 1-ml tank) but is a different shape. The Air at South Beach Smoke is a tube; the VaporFi Air is squashed flat.

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South Beach Smoke Air Specifications

This is the smallest vaporizer at South Beach Smoke in a lineup that also includes the colorful Storm, Curve, and formidable Thunder.

South Beach Smoke Air

You do not do anything fancy with the Air (change airflow or voltage) which makes it ideal for a newcomer to vaping who also wants a vaporizer with a small profile: just 4″.

This is the total length when battery and clearomizer are connected. You could conceivably start here instead of buying a mini cig.

South Beach Smoke Air Starter Kit

For $29.99, you get the complete e cig plus a wall adapter and USB charger. Together they are excellent value.

South Beach Smoke air starter kit

Buy the parts separately and you pay $14.99 for the battery plus $9.99 for the tank. That amounts to $24.98 before adding chargers. As you see, starter packages are an economical choice.

Interchangeable Parts

While there is just one color for the Air, it is possible to swap parts for the tanks and batteries of the other three vaporizers.

Combine the cell from a Curve with the tank from an Air. Switch the tank of an Air for a Storm but use the small Air battery to maintain a compact size and shape.

With the Storm or Curve, you have the option to add color to your stainless Air piece. But the Air also comes in 650-mAh ($22.99) and 900-mAh ($24.99) formats if you want a longer vaporizer.

Add the E Juice

One of the major benefits of using the Air instead of a South Beach Smoke mini cig is that you can fill the 1-ml tank with your choice of e juice. There isn’t more capacity compared with the mini cig, but your options are open-ended.

South Beach Smoke cartomizers come in just 16 flavors which cost $3 per ml. E juice from South Beach Smoke costs $14.99 for every 30-ml bottle: 50 cents for every milliliter.

Obviously, that amounts to incredible savings, but there’s more. South Beach Smoke e juice is available in over 30,000 flavors, all of them made in the United States.

They include Very Vanilla, Heavenly Clove, American Red Tobacco, and ChocoMint. Make your own flavor or select one of the pre-made top sellers.