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Company Review

For several years, South Beach Smoke has been among the leaders in the e cig industry. They continue to blaze a trail, though these days not by frantically adding anything new. Their lineup remains unchanged since mid-2014 when they introduced four lines of vaporizers, added e liquid to the catalogue, and also started offering the revolutionary Custom Vaporizer Builder option. A lot of these codes come from the help of TR Young & Red Feather.

Shopping at South Beach Smoke With Coupon Codes

South Beach Smoke websiteOn the website, you will be directed to the e cigs or vaporizers.

There are several stylistic differences but the primary one is power. Vaporizers have more of it than e cigs.

If you are brand new to vaping, an e cig will serve you well in several ways.

One is that it is a cheap option. Second is its similarity to a cigarette: important when you are in two minds about quitting. Third is that they are marginally easier to use (and of course coupon codes are available).

Vaporizers, however, can be very simple to operate and fill. South Beach Smoke provides 4 options from extremely small and easy to potentially easy with complex options. Even when you buy the high-tech product, it is possible to go “low-tech” with it.

South Beach Smoke Coupon Code & Starter Kit Options

South Beach Smoke still offers the same starter kits as they have done for a long time. They are popular. They work. Why change a good thing, especially when coupons and special discounts are available with them?

The first is a Deluxe Starter Kit for $59.99 with the right South Beach Smoke coupon code. Or you can checkout Vaporfi products at

South Beach Deluxe Kit

This basic package contains 2 batteries, 10 cartridges, and a charging kit.

The second, a Deluxe Plus, adds a power cig (which connects to a USB port directly) and a case. South Beach Smoke also adds $30 to the price.

South Beach Deluxe Plus

For $159.99, buy the Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit with a power cig, a third battery, a car charging adapter, carry case, and 20 refills.

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate Kit

The third battery is a second high-drain example. A Couples Kit equals two Basic packages for $109.99 plus 2 car adapters: cheaper than buying two sets individually and with bonus pieces.

South Beach Smoke mini cig batteries are rated among the best in this area of the industry for their long life and high performance, and there is also promo codes available for these.

South Beach Smoke Vaporizer Kits

With 4 types of vaporizers to choose from, customers have to decide what their style is and also how comfortable they are with a lot of power. If you are just tiptoeing for now, looking for a little more power but not much, the Air is a good option. And there is a South Beach Smoke discount code available for this.

South Beach Smoke air starter kit

It is also inexpensive at $39.99 for tank, 350-mAh battery, and charging kit. Measuring 4 inches, the Air is discrete.

A Storm kit for $49.99 provides a 650-mAh battery, charging kit, and tank.

South Beach Smoke Storm

It comes in colors like black, white, stainless steel, pink, and purple (plus a few more). The Storm tank provides 2.2 ohms of resistance and 2-ml capacity. Your kit comes with a built-in atomizer plus one extra.

For the same price with just one atomizer is the Curve: a longer e cig of the same power but 2.2-ml capacity and equal resistance.

South Beach Smoke Curve

Most of the same colors are available as you find in the Storm but the shape is very different. It’s not called the Curve for nothing. Measurements on this thing sound like those on a curvaceous woman. The Curve has hips.

With the Thunder, power is your focus. Its shape is basic and you can only select stainless or black, but the battery has variable voltage and there is adjustable airflow on the tank.

South Beach Smoke Thunder

This kit for $99.99 comes with charging equipment and 5 extra atomizers.

E Juice and Cartridges

South Beach Smoke provides 16 flavors of cartridges, all have discounts with the right promotion. Ten of them are sold in packs of 15, 30, and 45 for $39.99, $69.99, and $99.99 or a variety pack of 10.

Six newer flavors are also sold in packs of 5 for $14.99. These are Apple Hookah, Grape Hookah, lemon-lime, orange-mint, tobacco-mint, and watermelon.

Overall, you don’t get great value out of their cartridges, not at $3 per ml. If you switch to vaporizers and e liquid, however, the cost of e liquid goes way down and your options increase exponentially.

A 30-ml bottle costs $14.99 (about 50 cents per ml or 1/6th the price of a cartridge). Ready-made flavors include some new ones like Raspberry Ice, Banana Cream Pie, Grahamnilla Tobacco (tobacco, vanilla, and graham cracker), and Watermelon Mojito. Those are just some existing flavors: customers can create their own from 1, 2, or 3 flavors combined.

More on the Website

If you are perusing the SouthBeachSmoke website out of curiosity, you will see that they offer an affiliate program. This is a chance for fans to promote the brand and make money doing it without handling products, money, or really selling anything as such.

For vapers with a lot of friends who smoke, it’s a great and easy opportunity to earn cash every month; real cash you can spend on anything, not just e cigs, although a lot of affiliates use it to replenish their South Beach Smoke supplies.

Saving Money With The SouthBeachSmoke Coupon Code

Prices for starter kits and accessories from e cig brand names are off-putting. They seem so high to start with and customers rightly wonder if vaping is really cheaper than smoking. When you look more deeply into the real cost of using cigalikes from a company like South Beach Smoke, however, you can see there are ways to save money without trying very hard.

Save Money, Stick with Quality

Customers choosing a quality brand of e cigs instantly save money simply because their purchase is a sensible one with the right promo codes. You can buy the cheapest product on the market, but is this the way you shop for other things too?

Would you buy the cheapest brand of dog food or the least expensive television? You know what it means when something is “cheap.” Your dog won’t eat the food or it will upset his stomach. The TV won’t work or the picture will be fuzzy. With e cigs, you get what you pay for and South Beach Smoke is worth the price.

Starter Kit Sanity

Trying to understand smokeless smoking and choosing parts to order can make you feel like you’re losing your mind, especially if you are simultaneously trying to quit smoking.

Don’t stress: order a starter kit and you also reduce initial costs. South Beach Smoke just dropped the price of their Deluxe Starter Kit to $39.99: about $10 off the previous price. It still contains two batteries, a charging set, and ten cartomizers. And you can get it for less with a South Beach Smoke promo code.

Other kits come with more stuff, so figure out what you think will make life easier as a vaper who spends a lot of time away from an outlet.

Save Time: Auto-Ship

Arrange to have items like cartridge replacements or e juice shipped automatically on a monthly basis. South Beach Smoke will give you discounts on future purchases as their way of saying “thank you” even though you can cancel the arrangement at any time. They give customers reward points for shopping which can also be applied to future purchases, so there are plenty of ways to save.

Savings Calculator For Your South Beach Smoke Coupon Codes

If you aren’t sure how much money you are saving by switching to e cigs, use the South Beach Smoke Savings Calculator. Even if their math fails to take into consideration battery replacements, new chargers, and other expenses, it’s still obvious that you’re going to save money with discounts for South Beach Smoke products.

Say you smoke 25 cigarettes daily and pay about $8 per pack. That costs you $3,650 annually as opposed to $638 if you vape. Round your e cig figure up to $700; drop the annual cost of smoking to $3,000: it doesn’t matter. Outgoings for a vaper are about ¼ of what they are for smokers.

Credit: TR Young & Red Feather Institute who study a constitutive theory of justice: architecture and content, a great job, cuba and social justice, chaos theory and the knowledge process, conflict moments in critical methodology, critical dictionary of sociology, cuban sociology, dictionary of critical sociology, emancipation of students and teachers, labelling theory, making peace with shame, reinventing sociology, the red feather journal of graduate sociology, the negative and positive aspects of capitalism, and the chaos theory. Just don’t forget to use your South Beach Smoke coupon codes before checking out.